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Freelance Web and SEO Professional’s contradictory views on Video blogging.

By • Apr 2nd, 2014 • Category: Video Guest Blogging

Prasanth Vishnu
Prasanth Vishnu


Interviewing Prasanth was fun, his insights and contradictory views on Link building and ranking pages says Video SEO should be used appropriately.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your company?

I am now a freelancer doing web designing and SEO mainly with a difference that I do SEO only for sites that I have created. Yes, I am a part of GVS Solutions ( a software company in Kochi, Kerla, India) that has focus on online application development.

2. What impact on the seo industry to you feel Google’s announcement will have?

I welcome this new development. I am passionate about SEO and my views are sacred. So, I hate techniques like guest blogging to improve rankings. My view is that Search engines should focus only on usability and relevance. So, I believe that this announcement may help the web world to filter good sites and eliminate the bad ones. Also, from the user’s perspective, this will fetch them even great results – genuine and relevant results.

3. How do you see this new development affecting how link builders build links?

Link builders will be forced to change their strategies. They will have to change from guest blogging as a technique to improve rankings. Here also, I am of the view that link building should not have any effect (or a very little effect) on ranking measures.

4. Are you seeing an increase in the practice of “video” guest blogging?

Yes, I feel this portion of the web is fast growing. But now I strongly feel that this particular announcement would pull back people from any kind of guest blogging for a simple logic that if the “texts” are not taken into account, how videos?

5. How would you rate the effectiveness of video blogging in terms of SEO benefits? (Goo d, Poor or noticeable benefit)

I can’t say it now, but I feel that this will not have much influence in SEO. Even if video guest blogging gets a skyrocketed increase in usage and popularity, search engines will eliminate them also in the near future for the same reason why they announced this now for texts. So, in a long time run, it may not be a good choice for SEO.

6. How about video GUEST blogging?

I don’t like this also 

7. Do you feel video distribution may be an alternative to traditional link building for SEO ?

No, I never think so.

8. Do you have any tips or opinions on Video blogging in general and video guest blogging specifically, you’d care to share with other SEO’s?

This difficult to answer now as we are not fully aware of how this is going to affect SEO.

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