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Interview with Leading Online Business Strategist.- “Video Guest Blogging for SEO extremely beneficial Claims Sholem Berkowit”

By • Jan 28th, 2014 • Category: Video Guest Blogging


Sholem Berkowit
Recently Google’s Matt Cutts officially declared the death of guest blogging as an SEO practice.We’re hearing from many industry pundits that video blogging is having a positive effect on ranking and would like your opinion and your permission to publicize your response in our social media channels. We see video guest blogging becoming popular, and it’s really hard to fake and automate and does work well with good content. So we decided to interview leading SEO’s and Business Strategist! To start with an obvious question-


Question No.1 :-  Can you tell us a little about yourself and your company?

 “Hi, my name is Sholem Berkowitz, Business and Marketing Strategist, offline as online.

I have to explain to my clients the approach and importance of SEO in none technical terminologies, and the essence of the lecture is: Aim to get a reader/prospect so exited about and invested in the topic, that they shouldn’t be able to ignore it and they’d must go look for more — in your site or blog.

This will increase traffic, from the target market, and all interested in that topic (right keywords) will be directed to your site.

The more you adhere to that logic the better you’ll rank, and the less you have to worry about Google’s next algorithm correction.”

Question No.2 :- What impact on the seo industry to you feels Google’s announcement will have?

“Slowly but surely, professionals will start to see the benefits of doing things the right way, as the price of trying to outsmart Google will be higher than doing it right…”

Question No.3 :-  How do you see this new development affecting how link builders build links?

“Simple supply and demand rules. As the companies will ask for genuine and relevant topics and keywords, this will be what the builders would build. But for now, most companies won’t change their orders just yet, so no significant change should be seen.”

Question No.4 :-  Are you seeing an increase in the practice of “video” guest blogging?

“You can embed any Youtube clip on your blog/site and wahlla, you have a video guest blog… Those who practice it are already doing it for years.”

Question No.5 :-  How would you rate the effectiveness of video blogging in terms of SEO benefits? (Good, Poor or noticeable benefit)

“ Top notch.  Extremely beneficial. Studies show that visitors stay 3:1 with video vs. just a blog with the same information.”

Question No.6 :-  How about video GUEST blogging?

“Already done by professionals, and will get more traction as an option.”

Question No.7 :-  Do you feel video distribution may be an alternative to traditional link building for SEO ?

 “Not a complete alternative, but a very efficient integral addition.”

Question No.8 :-  Do you have any tips or opinions on Video blogging in general and video guest blogging specifically; you’d care to share with other SEO’s?

 “Stick to the topic at hand.

Offer real value information that the listener would be able to apply in one way or another.

Post it on high PR and authority sites (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) and link back to your site. Not just because of the authority back link, but because those sites have their own SERP, and is a genuine place people would start looking for what you have to offer, and very good chance to seen.

So you’d want to rank on those sites first, as it’s own Video-SEO, which in turn will raise the overall SEO.”

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