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Seattle SEO Experts says Video is Excellent for Increased Conversions

By • Feb 3rd, 2014 • Category: Video Guest Blogging

Phil GrahamI see lot of value in Video Blogging. The most traffic generating preposition, making text blogs and text promotions obsolete slowly and steadily. I agree with Phil, that people start creating a protective shell, with such announcements from Google. But actually they need to stress on, whether the statement made, really affects their personal brand or product.

SEO is a broad term, and implies within. I think the world gets crazy, because of living in a web, where in if anything takes place, which has no existence before, people become insecure about the sources to get help and making themselves believe that nothing has gone wrong! Video distribution works so fast actually.

I believe a lot of value is to be seen in the near future, if creative, significantly, as yes no 1 likes long, clumsy, and boring videos.

Interviewing Phil was very interesting, he is obviously very savvy and I absolutely believe and agree his views!


It’s funny how crazy the SEO world gets when Google makes these kinds of announcements. We use over 1,500 websites for SEO and Marketing testing and many times, everything that people are scared about isn’t even happening in the first place, they just think it is. We’ve got lots of data to show it.

  1. 1.        Can you tell us a little about yourself and your company?

I own an SEO/Marketing/Reputation Management Agency in Seattle Washington. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, startups, and companies build their brands, make more money, and dominate their competition. My blog is at: http://www.internetincomepower.com 

  1. 2.      What impact on the seo industry to you feel Google’s announcement will have?It will have a tremendous impact for various reasons. First of all, many SEO’s have no clue what they are doing and when Google makes an announcement like this, they freeze and they don’t know how to handle it.
  1. How do you see this new development affecting how link builders build links?Each time Google makes a change, or even threatens a change, some of the lower quality or inexperienced SEO’s just give up and leave the business. Others will completely change what they are doing and hope for the best.
  2. Are you seeing an increase in the practice of “video” guest blogging?  Over the past 12 months yes, but they aren’t as effective as text in terms of SEO purposes. For conversion purposes though, they are excellent. 
  3. How would you rate the effectiveness of video blogging in terms of SEO benefits? (Good, Poor or noticeable benefit)

For SEO, I’d give video blogging a “good”, but if you properly use a video sitemap and transcribe the video via Youtube, then it would be an “excellent”. 

  1. 6.      How about video GUEST blogging?

Video guest blogging could give a noticeable SEO benefit, but it depends if and how the site links to you, and whether they have a video sitemap, etc. I love videos for branding and conversion purposes.

  1. 7.      Do you feel video distribution may be an alternative to traditional link building for SEO ?

Definitely not an alternative. There is still a need for *high quality* non spammy link building, and video distribution should also be done in addition to, and not at the expense of, proper link building. Do you have any tips or opinions on Video blogging in general and video guest blogging specifically; you’d care to share with other SEO’s? Make your videos stand out from all of the others. Make sure they aren’t boring, start the video by talking about who it’s for and how they will benefit, versus talking about you. Also, use a nice looking professional background (if possible).

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  1. I agree with Phil’s views.

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